Establishment of the correct Extent of the Damage and required Permanent Repairs. 
Investigation of the circumstances and the history of vessel’s and machinery maintenance.

Assessment of any “Wear and Tear” factors.
Investigation of the “Cause of Damage”.
Cooperation with reputable laboratories.
Specialization on drafting detailed “Specification of Repairs” to assist Ship-owners chase competitive tenders.
Assessment of the induced costs.
Extensive knowledge of the Greek, as well as Eastern Mediterranean based, ship repair facilities and capabilities.

Consulting on the emergency actions required during the first few hours of a major casualty such as grounding, collision, fire or loss of propulsion power.
Cooperation with Salvors and local Authorities.
 Comprehensive advices to Principals for swift assessment of the situation to enable parties concerned obtain the correct decisions.

JH 2006/010A, JH 2006/010B & JH 2006/010D
Mooring & Firefighting Arrangements Approval Surveys
Towage Approvals
Complete and clear Recommendations provided to Ship-Owners in order to tackle hazards increasing the risks of loss.
User friendly tracking of outstanding. Recommendations’ due dates. Comprehensive and Clear Reports.

Excellent knowledge of the local Shipyards and repair facilities and mentality of their Executives.
Assessment of Risks to include local practice.
Clear recommendations guide-lines to Shipyards.
Comprehensive and Clear Reports to Principals.

Specific guidelines to Ship-owners provided and clear recommendations issued to assist Ship-Owners reduce risks from typically encountered hazards.
Follow-up attendances, consulting and advices.
Excellent knowledge of the local market and mentality of Shipping Companies executives.
Comprehensive and Clear Report s to Principals.

Assessment of the circumstances of the injury or death of crew men, technicians / workers or passengers on board vessel or at repair facilities and Shipyards, typically on behalf of the P&I Club. Provision of expert witness services at courts.

Providing comprehensive picture to prospective Ship-Owners of the exact status of the vessel and the anticipated extant of the repairs that would be required in the near future. Clarity in our reporting.

Typically as part of FD & D coverage, involved in close cooperation with Solicitors in providing technical advice on the reasonable cost of the repairs, interpreting repair quotations versus the final invoice charges, as well as assessing defects discovered at the time of the delivery of a 2nd hand vessel to new Ship-owners. Provision of expert witness services and appearance in courts and arbitration hearings in Piraeus and London.

Assistance in apportionment of repair accounts and repair costs. Investigation and clarifications on the Cause of Damage.
Apportionment of repairs attributed to Particular Average and General Average.

Damage to Berth, Port and Shipyards facilities.
Shipyard fires.
Cargo damage.
Close cooperation with Solicitors on liability issues and provision of expert witness services at courts.

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